Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy to be damned?

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Some have asked themselves (inside and outside the church),'why should I care about what faith I belong to'? To those that have this question in mind I would ask about your favorite place to take your car, why care? Aren't they all the same? Of course you would tell me about the product and service that they provide and the extension on the life of your vehicle, maybe even talk up a technician or two. The same principal applies to religion. The fact that we are called to dig deep into our souls for the purpose of life and meaning there of means that we have an innate desire to know the unknown, to see beyond ourselves and discover what is out there and what is next. Such stretches have allowed us to create science, math and other things but has also rooted us in whom or what is god and what does he have for us next.

Now the Mormons (LDS faith) are unique in that they dare say that there is a place for everyone and that this place is a place of happiness. To some this is hard to believe, a Muslim or Buddhist or Hindu (or any other religion other than Christian) would find happiness, but it’s true. Why not? God who is the creator of all things wants all his creation to be happy as he his. To some, they want to be as he is, a God; reasonable request from a child of God. Doesn't every parent want their child to have it all? Just look around you children are given more and more than what their parents had as children all the time. These children grow up to be as their parents, mature full grown adults with all the privileges and powers of being an adult. Mom and Pop look at their offspring and show pride that they got the child to where they were and allowed them to progress from there on their own.

Now comes the part where this title comes from. There are those that want to play house, pretend to be adults and frankly rely on the merits, money and abilities of their parents. Some ask themselves, 'why would God want that kid around; all they do is mooch of their parents?' God wants happy children, period. Many a parent has watched as their child plays the play-boy (girl) all their growing up and when they are pushed out of the nest, let’s faces it they almost kill themselves. God knows that some of his children will want to worship an attribute/ideal of God or even God himself but they do not want the responsibility of being a God because they feel either inadequate or unworthy or better yet satisfied where they got in life. All of that is fine (sad but...). The God of Israel has a place for someone of that caliber, HELL!! Just kidding. It would not seem right for God to damn that kid to be with Satin and his angels who are murderers and deny the Holy Ghost. No God would have to find (create) a place where those kids can be in their own little piece of heaven. Why you ask? Why not be with God and those that want to be Gods. I believe that its best described like this. Imagine you were a silver winner of a race. Now there had been several contests though out the day and many metals given out. Those that had won a gold metal gravitated together, those that had won the silver gravitated together and so on. Not necessarily because of their achievement but because of comfort. If you were to be rewarded to hang out with the Gold winners for all eternity knowing that you were only Silver you would begin to feel uncomfortable, whether or not you were treated differently. To know your place in life would be discouraging.

That is why Mormons believe what they do. We know that God wants to put us in our own winning circle where there is pleasure in what we have accomplished and where we feel great. God does love us. Sometimes looking around yourself you may not realize it but he put you here for a reason. Be happy and when you are not be comforted in knowing your creator.