Sunday, March 16, 2014

Communion with God

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I learned that Sacrament is not in the Bible Dictionary (go ahead look it up; it’s not there; I'll wait).  The shock of my day was that discovery. When we were learning the lesson about the Sacrament the teacher (who was a Patriarch) was a bit delighted that we were a bit complex about the situation. He then explained that although the act of Sacrament was not in the Bible Dictionary but that Communion was. It was then he asked a question of why? Oh there were several explanations of the situation but one that he displayed was the best one I had heard.

We are blessed to partake of the Sacrament of Christ most every week; to most of us, this most sacred of testaments of our faith. Some would argue that the temple has more sacred events but when it comes to our root and foundation we remember that Article of Faith that says our root pillars are Faith, Repentance, Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost; and what renews those pillars to us every time we fall short of the Glory of God?  The answer is the Sacrament or Communion with God.

The Saints know what the Sacrament is but what is Communion?  I tend to think that it’s a check in with the Godhead (for all of them are involved) and we then check in. We tell Christ what we have done with his name; we tell our Father what we have done to be his son’s representative; we renew our spirit to be in tune with the Holy Ghost.  These are not small tasks.  At times when such thoughts came to me I would leak ‘some coolness’ as I call it as the tears would come and I would realize how little I know of the Atonement or the gift that our Father has given us.  

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t know the secrets of the universe but then I weekly learn about the secrets in plain and simple truths and the Sacrament is one of them. No this secret doesn't move mountains or create worlds or does it? The ties to the Atonement are so tight the Sacrament such a significant fragment of what we are to learn here on Earth. Truly the word Communion is appropriate.

I am stuck with such thoughts of whether or not I have really have Communed with God to report my progress. Have I done any good in the world today as the song says?  Have we become complacent, perhaps judgmental because we thought we were on a better path then our brothers and sisters on this ship we have called home for so long? I thought about the times that I judge the homeless or the sister that was twerking on the internet/television.  Some would justify our behavior because we have not done these things and for a moment we become the very people we do not want to become pointing and standing in our own personal great and spacious building. We want to so desperately say that we are on the side of Christ who even he himself had a blow up and threw out people who sold goods at the temple. He used a whip, threw over tables and shouted; so we point mock and chastise and when we come to Communion/Sacrament we forget our shortsightedness and forget that we are all travelers and will all go back to that God that created us.
Let us all, brothers and sisters, remember who we are and why we’re here; let us glorify and magnify our Fathers name and the gift of his precious Son; let us not forget that not one of us is not a son or daughter of the greatest parents.  I hope that we will make an effort to lift and edify the children of God and perhaps we will be better examples of our Savior.

And I do so in Jesus’ precious name, Amen.