Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scriptures Past and Present

I have wondered if this is the fullness of times, why is it still confusing as to where the all the testimonies of the prophets are. The old testament gives hints as does the Book of Mormon of prophets of times past that we have only the testimony of the written that they even existed. For example, when Jesus was on the Earth, there were (and are still) twelve apostles but only three written testimonies are ever printed in the Bible. The Book of Mormon is no different as there are similar references of things that the previous prophets took advantage of that again we do not have and yet we have the 'Fullness of the Gospel'.

It seems to me that God in his infinite wisdom continues to press the issue of eternal progression and does it by using the testimonies of the living and what is available of the dead. Sure He could reveal all things in our imperfect state but that would only cause damnation of the non-believer. Kids are young, impressionable, childish beings and we are too. Jesus asked us to be as little children because he wanted us to be humble submissive and meek like children. By asking that of us he was showing the great attributes that we came here from heaven with. Sure we didn't come with language or skills. Those building blocks were given to us at a later date and rightly so. After all its important to learn line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little witch has been taught all throughout the scriptures.

It goes to show that Satan would love to take those things away and instead of God bringing back the old stuff that was great but will be rejected he introduces a new prophet with the same teaching as was before but in his own words. Why; because he can use words that the people will relate to. He might refer to scripture of ancient time (and a lot I hope) but living testimony is just as important as the forgotten scriptures and prophets of the past; it’s not just theology but words of the living God and the testimony of his Son and those stewards (the prophets) that he sent.

Now I know that one day the Lord in his infinite power will restore all the scripture and the prophets to their perfect frame and all will be revealed but until then I will be humble and patient reading the scriptures that I have.

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Morning Prayer

I am starting to get what prayer is about. For the longest time it was a Santa Clause thing for me. "Oh Lord this is hard please take it away. See ya! Amen." or "I want...uh... um.... blah blah blah. Thanks Santa er.... Lord."

Hopefully I have repented of that behavior enough that I realize that it's time to talk to my creator, my father; now days we discuss things. It takes a bit of time to get in that level of communication at first. I spent a long time on my knees because I heard nothing. So I listened at first for what seemed like tens of minutes, then minutes and now its seconds where I can hear His voice. Awesome! Now this doesn't stop him being my Father but its nice to hear his voice chastise or not. I like to hear his voice give me praise for my work and council for where I could improve.

I can see clearly why He wants us to take our souls serious and why he asks to talk to us in the morning and the evening. How else can he peal us away from our thoughts, the kids, our spouse, job, friends, debts etc.

You know sometimes He asks me "How you doing?" I am certain that an all knowing God knows but despite that he wants to hear it from you. You are important to Him. The more serious stuff he brings up occasionally but generally I bring it up when it is getting to me. I generally feel good but there are times where I as people in the past and in other places fear for the welfare of my soul. Times like that I need to talk to him and not just casually but seriously. Enos of the Book of Mormon went through that (perhaps a lot) and his experience teaches me to hang in there, listen, and do what he has told me to do since, well, forever.

God is no respecter of persons and that means that he has no favorites. While some would think that Jesus is his absolute favorite. I would disagree, He is His most obedient; that doesn't change how he feels about little ole me. I may not be THE Son of God but I am a son (though at times like the prodigal son I feel that I would be better off as a servant). I have the makings of greatness. It's not my genes that say that but the Man upstairs who says.Some of us at times squander the gifts that we are given like the prodigal son and we party here on earth (though it doesn't show much with all the day to day living) but we do not do what is needed to edify and glorify God and then we get on our knees and He says:"How was it?" We have no excuse we, like teenagers who have the keys to dad’s car can't (or will not) explain why it was not more fulfilling. Which reminds me of my earlier post about being immortal; what would we do without an accountability of what we did? That’s one of the key reasons why I pray; to say what I did with my life this day.

I know that most of us will not remember what I write but I put it out there for your consideration and thought. Pray often and be mindful of the Spirit. Have a blessed day.

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