Monday, July 11, 2011


Today’s topic is on immortality and the beings that we know as immortals, namely vampires; immortals that have no sense of purpose and wonder the world looking for meaning in their undead lives. While their now ability to roam the earth without fear of natural death and decay, the 'What next" feeling comes of them. I would imagine that this is true for the resurrected. After the judgment and meeting God, the "What next" feeling will kick in. For the Celestial beings, they know what life is all about "to know thee the only true God (John 17:3)". What of the other beings that are now immortal? They may not what to know God. They may want to feed the body for hundreds of years with relationships and trips to where ever, see the sights and hear the sounds but when you have seen the world, what next? Expand the mind? What happens when you have read all the books, poems and scripts? After several centuries, would you want death because life has lost it meaning. There is no end to the riddle, song, story, etc. You become alone with your thoughts.

For those that are religious and say that you will just serve God (not actually become one because you are one; Psalms 82:6 and John 10:34). For those that believe that you become a mindless drone with no identity among the endless masses of angels, I say why would you want that? Here on earth we have identity, purpose and direction we have an end. 

We know that we will grow old and that drives us to push ourselves before the end. Careers and families become important because we identify with them. I believe that in our immortal state we will mimic our mortality. Become reacquainted with us and others; recreate what once was to the best of our ability. To those that are not Gods though, I think that the most missed element of our immortality will be the lack of children. All of them will have had grown up and become adults and because there are no children in the afterlife (except for Celestial being) s it will be missed terribly; not at first but eventually. See there will always be an empty part of immortality without becoming as God is. Who can say how much more will be missed because we become similar to vampires without purpose or direction? Or what direction we would take with no temptation from the bound Satan. We will all find out in the end. 

So how do we avoid the emptiness in our eternal life? The examples of how we should live in the next life comes from the very life that we live now. Yes we have discovery and fun and everything is new as it is for a little child and to keep that will be a challenge if there is no progression. Perhaps we need to find life like those with Alzheimer disease. My mother-in-law tells a story about a couple that every day discovered themselves in each other. They ate together, talked together and all around got to know each other daily but when the day started anew the following sunrise, they started all over because they had no memory of the day before. To me that experience would be horrific but to those two it was exciting and entertaining. 

I have read that for some beings heaven will be like a world where their culture never changed. They will ride the sunsets and run in the wheat and sail the sea like they did in their mortality because they found happiness in that. I have fun myself writing all sorts of things and figuring out new ways to express myself. I read old books and observe the style. I have taken a stab at foreign language and again to me that is fun. 

What will our next life be like? I don't know but thank God it’s not going to be torture like that of a vampire.