Sunday, December 11, 2011

Enmity and Apathy

It seems that there is a run of the wicked spirit of the devil that is encouraging enmity (hatred and disdain) and apathy (the feelings of not giving a crap either because it doesn't apply to you or that you do not care). I am not sure why such feelings are running rampant only those world leaders are behind such feelings and are encouraging the behavior. As in the example of King Noah (of the book of Mosiah) the leader starts it and the people wanting to be popular and powerful (and rich I might add) encourage it to trickle down.
The need for a righteous leadership is so prevalent that it is not funny anymore. Former Secretary of Agriculture, Spencer Kimble said "The Constitution is hanging from a thread". That was back in the '80's at a time when I was just a lad. The workers of socialism, Marxism, Leninism and communism (and for that matter Nazism) are working hard to undermine the last stand of freedom and are desperate to create enmity and apathy of our country. It shows in the events that have transpired in the last few months (perhaps years). World leaders using their powers to create wealth and amass more power than they have ever done before. Thomas Jefferson said that this country would be bound by slavery and a hundred years ago it started. It is now worse. The tea party was over 3% tax now we have over ten times that and it was brought on ourselves all because we didn't care or it wasn't about us.
What will happen next to us? Will we fall because of the binds that we put on lady liberty? The election will not come soon enough for this country.