Sunday, March 17, 2013

Familiarity Breads Contempt

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I was thinking about our most recent lesson at church in Bothell WA (God bless the Saints there). We were talking about relationships and how to improve them and the thought occurred to me if we are seeking to improve our relationships and the most important one is the one with our Heavenly Father then why don't we?

The answer came from the stake president when he said (and I'm paraphrasing here) We look upon the Messiah with love because he loved but the Father with fear as we think that he will judge harshly with us and demand only justice and Jesus has to be some buffer. Our Father loves us very much and we should really get to know Him and his Only Begotten. Our Father is really rooting for us and hoping for our success. That is why He has sent us so many gifts for our success.

I thought about that for a while and sometime later a instructor brought up the question of why we were harsh with our love ones and not our associates, friends and those further away in relation? I then brought up familiarity breeds contempt and we as humans fear that, in getting to know God, we might become contemptuous and reject him or begrudgingly obedient.

I thought about what I said. We tend to take advantage of our most precious relationships and for what? We think that they will always be true and faithful (so long as we don't screw it up) but we forget we cannot be just recessive in our behavior but outward and hard working to improve our relationship with others especially Jesus and our Father. A wise person once told me that we need to constantly improving our relationships and that means dating our wives. I am sure that it could also apply to our relationship with our parents, children friends and the Lord. The only thing that we have to fear is not familiarity but alienation of the Lord. I believe that the ole adage is true but it is up to the individual to change that in themselves. They can either fear to get to know God or they can get to know him at a deeper level and really reap a blessing and experience.

God help us all in our attempts to strengthen our vigor and tenacity to become the men and women that we want to become and really get to know the Lord and our families; strive to become who you were meant to be.

Monday, March 11, 2013

To kill a Frog

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There is one particular way to kill men's souls; warm the up the idea that they are ok. The scriptures are plastered with children of Zion/Israel saying that all was well and then they would be turned over to their enemies or plagues or wars etc... and for what? Because they forgot who they were and what they represent.

Sin and pride only take nudges and bumps in the wrong direction to slowly embrace the notion that you (in your sin and pride) are safe and secure; that no enemy can break you down or cause you to fear but we forget as children of God that it only takes one degree (of sin) to be off course and that letting go of the word of God is dangerous and deadly leading us down paths of darkness of witch there is no return (1 Nephi 8:23).

I worry for today as idol worship has become abundant. The teaching of the seven deadly sins is rampant. For instance, in the past, the gentiles fed their children to a fiery idol that would consume their children and this was 'okay'. Today we abort our children to convenience and science. In ancient times they would fall down and worship idols. Today we sit in front of a TV, digital device or what ever and allow it to consume our time while we admire the soft glow that it provides (listen to me I don't have much to say as I am at the warm glow of a computer). The children of Israel basked in adultery and fornication. Today it is called an open lifestyle or living together.

We have become the very people that the prophets warned about was coming. It comes no excuse as to why God's anger is kindled and despite all of that, his hand is stretched out still to take us in if we but repent and turn to him for a remission of our sins. Will we, can we turn back to the Lord? Or will the Lord have to chide us and compel us like a stubborn mule? He will not just beat us with a few stripes and then forgive us in our sins. We must thoroughly repent and turn to him or we are in big trouble. Though He saved Sodom and Gomorrah for a few people, what happens when they are asked to leave?

Something to think about. Warn your friends and neighbors and if you are basking in this filth and depravity, you have been warned. Repent will ya?

Ye Are Gods

We were studying the 5 lesson of the book Teachings of the Presidents of the Church and something stuck me. The Prophet Lorenzo had a revelation (though Joseph had received this truth some years earlier) that “As man now is, God once was; as God is now man may be.” and though it is a popular and common phrase in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints it is foreign and perhaps blasphemy to other christian faiths. 

That got me to thinking. Why? The wisdom and knowledge of God is infinite and ours finite. His power, endless. Ours limited. Then again the power of a babe is limited while their parent has power to walk, talk, create and destroy at their whim. Are we not babes in comparison to the power and majesty of Christ and our Father? Why not then are we not gods in our infancy? If God is infinite and eternal and there is no end to his power, why then could we not get the same power and majesty? Why does our creator who asks us to address Him as Father, why would he not give us all that our brother has inherited? Jesus said that "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you (John 14:2). Mansions are not given to the servant but to a master. Even the prodigal son inherited wealth after being the fool and he offered to be his father’s servant yet his father accepted him as his son. Why not us? Are we not arrogant prideful fools deserving of nothing? Yet the Lord God of Israel says that '[His] work and [His] glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man'? 

When I think of immortal beings, my first thought is 'what would you do if you were immortal?' I wrote about that once but to sum it up, when you strengthen others because you will have seen it all, spoken it all, and known it all. There will be no book, video, song, word you have not seen or heard. There will be no mountain or valley you have not climbed. As an immortal being to keep an air of freshness you would seek to enlighten and strengthen your brothers and sisters. Is that not what the Messiah does daily? 

So yes "Ye are Gods and children of the Most High" (Psalms 82:6; my favorite scripture) but now that you know, when you are converted to it and see your potential "strengthen thy brethren" (Luke 22:32). Our Father wants us to return to him to finish growing up and no longer be babes in the gospel of Christ but mature and be the men and women that we ought be; to be even as He is.

Ponder upon these things.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Half full or empty

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I feel impressed to discuss sin again (though I do not know why).
My wife read on Facebook the other day a parable about a teacher that brought to her class a glass and naturally the class thought that the teacher was going to discuss the theory of half full, half empty, discussion that was so frequently discussed in school.

She placed the glass on the table and then asked "How much does this weigh?"

The class was silent for a moment only to be answered several answers ranging from 8 oz. to 12 oz.Then said the teacher holding out the glass. "After 10 minutes how much will the glass weigh?" She gave not time for a response when she furthered the question about a longer and longer time. She then described the body and how it would respond to the weight of the glass the longer it was asked to hold it. She made a point to show the longer the body was asked to hold the weight that the more disabled the body became.

Sin is like this simple glass of water. At first the soul can bear the weight and it seems light and easy but with time the same sin that has remained unrepentant becomes cumbersome and a solid weight. Jacob Marley summed it up best by saying "I wear the chain I forged in life! I made it link by link and yard by yard! I gartered it on of my own free will and by my own free will, I wore it!"

You see the invisible weights that we create, the flaxen cords that we allow Satan to bind us with, might be small but given time they weigh us down and the weight becomes unbearable. We cannot allow sin to bind us down with the least degree of allowance. Anyone that tells you to lie and cheat a little and that it will do no harm (I am paraphrasing) is doing you more harm and adding to the harm that you are doing to yourself. All to often I have seen the Gentiles tell themselves that there is no sin and to push past feeling so that you can enjoy yourself in your pleasure but I am telling you that those feelings are safeguards put there by God himself and that we should heed to the safeguard and stay as far away from the safeguard well within the protection of the spirit that influences us. You know why you feel empty inside when you go to a place that you ought not be, its because where God cannot be you should not be.

So to end this rant, to be good and keep from even an ounce of sin, repent, remember your covenants and smile, enjoy life because that's what it’s there for. Be good to yourself and kind to others. Have a great day.