Monday, March 11, 2013

To kill a Frog

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There is one particular way to kill men's souls; warm the up the idea that they are ok. The scriptures are plastered with children of Zion/Israel saying that all was well and then they would be turned over to their enemies or plagues or wars etc... and for what? Because they forgot who they were and what they represent.

Sin and pride only take nudges and bumps in the wrong direction to slowly embrace the notion that you (in your sin and pride) are safe and secure; that no enemy can break you down or cause you to fear but we forget as children of God that it only takes one degree (of sin) to be off course and that letting go of the word of God is dangerous and deadly leading us down paths of darkness of witch there is no return (1 Nephi 8:23).

I worry for today as idol worship has become abundant. The teaching of the seven deadly sins is rampant. For instance, in the past, the gentiles fed their children to a fiery idol that would consume their children and this was 'okay'. Today we abort our children to convenience and science. In ancient times they would fall down and worship idols. Today we sit in front of a TV, digital device or what ever and allow it to consume our time while we admire the soft glow that it provides (listen to me I don't have much to say as I am at the warm glow of a computer). The children of Israel basked in adultery and fornication. Today it is called an open lifestyle or living together.

We have become the very people that the prophets warned about was coming. It comes no excuse as to why God's anger is kindled and despite all of that, his hand is stretched out still to take us in if we but repent and turn to him for a remission of our sins. Will we, can we turn back to the Lord? Or will the Lord have to chide us and compel us like a stubborn mule? He will not just beat us with a few stripes and then forgive us in our sins. We must thoroughly repent and turn to him or we are in big trouble. Though He saved Sodom and Gomorrah for a few people, what happens when they are asked to leave?

Something to think about. Warn your friends and neighbors and if you are basking in this filth and depravity, you have been warned. Repent will ya?
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