Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scriptures Past and Present

I have wondered if this is the fullness of times, why is it still confusing as to where the all the testimonies of the prophets are. The old testament gives hints as does the Book of Mormon of prophets of times past that we have only the testimony of the written that they even existed. For example, when Jesus was on the Earth, there were (and are still) twelve apostles but only three written testimonies are ever printed in the Bible. The Book of Mormon is no different as there are similar references of things that the previous prophets took advantage of that again we do not have and yet we have the 'Fullness of the Gospel'.

It seems to me that God in his infinite wisdom continues to press the issue of eternal progression and does it by using the testimonies of the living and what is available of the dead. Sure He could reveal all things in our imperfect state but that would only cause damnation of the non-believer. Kids are young, impressionable, childish beings and we are too. Jesus asked us to be as little children because he wanted us to be humble submissive and meek like children. By asking that of us he was showing the great attributes that we came here from heaven with. Sure we didn't come with language or skills. Those building blocks were given to us at a later date and rightly so. After all its important to learn line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little witch has been taught all throughout the scriptures.

It goes to show that Satan would love to take those things away and instead of God bringing back the old stuff that was great but will be rejected he introduces a new prophet with the same teaching as was before but in his own words. Why; because he can use words that the people will relate to. He might refer to scripture of ancient time (and a lot I hope) but living testimony is just as important as the forgotten scriptures and prophets of the past; it’s not just theology but words of the living God and the testimony of his Son and those stewards (the prophets) that he sent.

Now I know that one day the Lord in his infinite power will restore all the scripture and the prophets to their perfect frame and all will be revealed but until then I will be humble and patient reading the scriptures that I have.

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