Thursday, July 12, 2012

Adam and Eve

In the beginning there was just two people (well there was God and the rest of us in heaven but..) Adam and his wife, Eve. Now you can dispute it with talk about Lilith and such but I like to think that there was just the two of them. One was clearly a hunter/gatherer and the other was clearly a nurturer/teacher. The blessed souls knew their role as man and woman; husband and wife.

Isn't if funny how such a view has now become skewed. The thought of a woman being a teacher to her children and mother to her husband’s offspring is frowned upon. They want us to teach little girls to play with GI Joe and boys to play with dolls (not that there is anything wrong with that) and in so doing take away our sexual identity.

In the past, we taught our daughters that they were princesses and ladies and our sons were heroes and gentlemen; the role was defined. There were skills to be learned from being those things and to rise above the things that would dim our light. My forefathers taught that men and women should learn and be well educated so that they could teach their children combined to be those that would build their community and strengthen government through self-reliance. 

Alas it’s not that way anymore. Men are taught that women can defend themselves and that they should defend none but themselves. The role of husband is a joke and spreading your seed is no crime; the woman will take care of it or the government will take care of it.

Women are taught that they need no man and such thoughts are slavery and dependence. Women can rear their own children without the strong role of a husband and that the government will provide.

Such thoughts mock God.

We have forgotten that Even was created from a rib, not the head to be above him or the foot be be his footstool; his side to be next to him. Being married for over a dozen years has taught me that my wife is different from me and that difference makes us a team. We rely on each other for strength. We are not a bunch of codependents that cannot survive without the other.

We are a team undivided. Our children are ours not just hers or mine or creatures to be raised by an alien force that doesn't know our little ones, ours. We have a home, we have a car, and we have all the things that God has provided because we work together.

My sons know that they are sons of loving parents and sons of God. My daughter (I have just the one princess) knows that she the daughter of two parents that work hard to give her everything and a daughter of a loving Father in Heaven. My children know their roles and the roles that they must play in the future as future men and women. They know that men work and women rear. I may be king of the castle but my wife is Queen of the manor. I handle things outside and she takes care of things inside because it works for us.

I do not know if this means anything to the faceless government bodies that would love to take that away but to my family it means a lot. 

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