Thursday, March 19, 2009

Missionaries with Tattoos

Recently there has been a decree that every eligible male and female righteous and worthy, serve a mission, with conditions... First they must be among the unrepentant, pure unadulterated humans without sin. Ok, you can see where I am going with this.

I have had a problem with the atonement damning the youth who wish to serve, while unrepentant and unworthy to serve the Lord because they hide their transgressions from a younger and more inexperienced age. I served before that rule was in effect and served with many righteous men and women who, although never told me of their past, shined in their imperfection and taught with the spirit of the Holy Ghost. I also served with those that were 'perfect' who carried no scars of mortal or moral transgression and were so dark-hearten that they truly were wolves in sheep's' clothing.

I then thought what was the reason why the Lord called for his chosen to make the rules as they are currently today and how does it apply to the newly converted to the Lord.

First, the reason for the change of the Lords rules is to make the path narrower and straighter then its ever been before. While before men and women could waltz into their Bishop and Stake President and repent, (don't get me wrong repentance is vitally important and forgive me for using 'waltz'), it failed to emphasis that the Lord wanted pure vessels to begin with. That cut down the number of candidates eligible for the call. This left the more pure in heart and the grossly unrepentant as candidates. So how does the Lords anointed sift out the righteous from the wicked like the wheat from the tares? I can only say that the Lords servants are inspired and can see through the wicked like a silk cloth. Nothing is hidden from the Lord or his anointed.

We must remember the sons of Mosiah were quite a wicked group and in their repentance converted thousands and they lead away those that would be great members of the church. So the question remains again let the wicked with out outward scar preach the gospel or teach repentance to our young and send those that repent out into the white field?

Second, what of those that learn of the gospel late and embrace it with all their outward scars of moral depravity and sin? I have not heard any new rules for those that have embraced the Father and wanted to serve a mission. I would hope that the example of Amulek's conversion would stand in ones mind when they realize that this man lived with the sinners and new of the gospel of Jesus Christ and by inspiration of the spirit joined the church and became the missionary that he was as told by the scriptures. His conversion story and example brought hundreds to the gospel as Alma did who was a ruffian brought to God through the spirit.

I would encourage each of you to listen to the prophets closely in this matter as it will have to be addressed and the Lord will inspire his servants to speak with the power of the Priesthood and Holy Ghost in this matter. To say the least it should be interesting.
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