Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back in the "Holy Land"

I just moved back to Utah Monday and man do I love it. I do have a rant however about what has become of the once Mormon dominate state. When my friends said that the state had changed they were not kidding. Apparently the state has become a haven for gentiles to roost and it has affected the locals. Now they slip because it is more acceptable or overlooked. It would seem that being the peculiar people has slipped and Satan has got his grip like water and ice in the cracks of the cement of the our culture and foundation. Strange.

I am not sure if I should get involved in the politics (religious or otherwise) as Utah may be too far gone. Most of my fiends and family know that I am Libertarian and strongly believe that if Utah is to survive this degeneration we must go back to what we did 100 years ago. But that's a different story. Again I love Utah and its citizens. I hope that I am a good example of being a saint here.

God bless.
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