Saturday, September 26, 2009

I have been slacking

Sorry to those that read this (and I get the feeling that that's no one). Lately I have been caught up in reading some great Mormon blogs that talk about such odd topics as Celestial sex to Mormon mysticism. I have loved the subjects because it brings up questions that those that want to question their faith a chance to read what they have thought all along. At any rate I apologize.

Today's topic is...

Is it a crime to add to the scriptures. I have seen all too much stories of Mormons that tightened the rules on their own families (sometimes to the point of madness). For example, those that take the word of wisdom to the next level by saying that if moderate meat is good then no meat, is better or this one, if dating at 16 is good then dating at 21 is better. Its a madness that getting out of hand.

I love the saints but the at the same note I am worried that if we don't cut back and loosen up that we are going to crack from the tension that this is creating. It goes back to my post about missionaries; if we cut out human error and repentance out of the equation then we will be creating the greater sin that we cannot turn back from.

At any rate, God bless us all because we will need it. By the way I have taken a liking to a website called that depicts the eternal struggle of good and evil and makes quite a bit of fun of it. Enjoy the clip.
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