Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lesson 4: Abraham

Abraham was a convert to the church or at least came from a partly active family. Really? Sure. Just look at the facts, his father worshiped other gods (nothing about mother) but some how his family was able to keep the faith. Others in his family were church members (Lot for example) so it goes to say that the link of the religion of Noah had kept something. I wonder how the church survived in that length of time. Certainly during that time there were prophets and possibly apostles, high priests, priests, teachers and deacons, but I believe that it was a hard time. King Melchizedek was lord of the land at the time and was known as the prince of peace and Abraham served him as a military leader and had money and power. So how does a man who has it all and could of followed in his father steps followed the lord. I am reminded of kings in the Book of Mormon who also had power and money followed the Lord as well. King Melchizedek followed possibly the example of Enoch who was king of a city also and that city went to heaven so to follow that example would be as awesome. What a legacy.
Now getting back to Abraham. Here was a man who followed the Lord and honored his king and obeyed the laws of God. Who married his wife (one of three wives that he would have in his life) and hoped for more children only to have one from his first and perhaps his most beloved wife Sarai (later called Sarah by the Lord for her righteousness). What a memorable man who would do anything to be obedient even risk the life of his only son Isaac for the Lord. The man went on some long journeys, married his wife's handmaiden and bore a son who also would become the father of many nations like Isaac, Ishmael.
The one thing that I want to know is what the prophet Abraham did as the prophet of God and what he taught the Hebrew people. Surely he was not a righteous man unto himself but had to teach and uplift the Hebrews to be the people of God. There are so many things that I would like to learn about him.
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