Thursday, April 10, 2014

God gave men the priesthood because...

I want to point the reasons for priesthood to being a men only thing. First I know that it was such a controversy recently and I know that some women could do a better job but there is a key reason why it’s in the hands of men; we, guys, are lazy!

Ok, one of the key things that God has pointed out to us all the time (from Adam on) is that men will be the bearer of the priesthood, providers for our families defenders of truth and right.This comes with a standard of responsibility; namely to bless and edify the whole earth, establish order and to bring all nation tongues and people to Christ through the blessings of the covenants of the priesthood. 

I know it’s the vague answer but have you considered this part of the equation that the priesthood was given to men to get them off their rumps and do something. We guys (as most wives, mothers and sisters know) are inherently lazy. For heaven’s sake, a guy invented the television, remote control and a lot of comfy things that we all enjoy. The Lord in his infinite wisdom told us to work and beyond that gave men the priesthood so that we could get out there and do more than just collect a paycheck and collect action figures (hobbies). 

Imagine for a moment that at the end of the day Brother and Sister Smith are getting into bed after a hard day work, she with the kids and he with the job. At night the Sister Smith is 'asked' by her sick children to take care of them and then the phone rings and it’s a fellow saint asking for a blessing. If women had the priesthood, the husband would ask the sweet wife to do it because he is tired (the poor baby); never mind that she has been busting her hump too. Disputations would erupt and the two would always be at odds as to who should exercise their priesthood keys. Now because the man is the only one with the rights to exercise those keys in our modern day, each members roll is defined and the wife would kick her sweet husband out and have him get dressed give that blessing. He's not arguing about it because he knows that it is his sole responsibility. He calls another brother and they give the blessing. Brother Smith is grateful for the chance to bless the siants life and goes back to bed. 

I know that it’s over simplification but does it really need to be complicated? We each have a roll in life and in the church. Heavenly Father loves each of us and when we have our role or life chore then we know what is expected of us and we can then perform it to the best of our ability. The fact that there is a disputation among the brothers and sisters in our church today is ludicrous. From the very foundation of the world he has defined our role and how we should treat each other and while I empathize with the plight that has been created I am sure that if we are prayerful of our troubles, we will get an answer. We may not like it but if we accept it and obey it, we will be happy. 

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