Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Importance of Prayer

It has been a while since I did a log so I some writing so I first apologize for not being there for my readers. I have had a dry spell in inspiration but I am back. I wanted to talk about what matters. The prophets, apostles and, well, church leaders have all made special reference to being out there and serving your fellow man without neglecting the very thing that holds you together the gospel and your family.  I find that hard sometimes being on the road a lot. I am here in Bothell WA today and Tacoma WA tomorrow. I still don’t know how other priesthood brethren are able to do this.

Among some of the things that I have learned is communication. I still am a real stinker at it but being isolated so often has caused me to work on it almost daily so that I can keep my family, job and friends. Your ‘A’ game is necessary. Perhaps that’s what our Father sometimes is telling us. We need to communicate with him because our brothers and sisters with him keep him company at home but we are away in a very isolated situation. If we want to keep good ties with him we need to call him often. We know how often for ourselves, daily, twice daily, thrice daily etc; as often as our eager child like minds will allow.

I remember a time when I was on a mission in California how I and one of my companions would pray for what seemed a long time yet so short. We would really communicate with God not just text him and jump into bed (you all know what I mean). It seemed silly at the time because he was such an example of prayer to me. When we first as companions he got on his knees and was praying for about 10 to 15 minutes. He really wanted Father to know how he was doing. We were already praying in the morning for both companion and individual prayer, we prayed over all our meals but at night when we are quiet and alone he really touched based with the Lord. I attempted to follow that example and at first I was not used to even being in prayer for such a ‘long’ time. Five minutes into it The prayer was really awful (‘um well you know me hee hee…’). I really didn’t know what to say. I really had not talked to him like a father but more like Santa Cause (... and I want converts.. and a good day.. etc.). I suppose that it was pathetic.

I am sure that some of the learning experiences that we go through are like that and I even see that with my kids. I know what’s going on in their lives but I want to hear them express it. The sheer joy that they express is what I want. I am certain that Father wants that from us. We are discovering our lives over again here in our probation but like children at a new playground we forget to tell our parents how much fun we are really having here. We have fun and success; we find joy and really go to town here but when we talk to Father about it we are so vague and short.

That being said perhaps we need to get back to our roots and really pray; not just cliffs note it. Talk to Him. He’ll really appreciate it. 

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