Sunday, October 19, 2014

Recipe vs. Alchemy

During priesthood we had the discussion of prayer and our communication with God. The speaker brought up a pint perhaps by accident or in attempts by passing but he said that prayer was like a recipe. To some it is a mechanics skill; opening; thank you; we ask for; closing. Much like a home cook, this is what prayer is like for the young and inexperienced. To the older and more experience, prayer is more like what a master chef would do. There is some jenesequa where you have a full relationship with our Father in such a way that He hears and listens because you hear and listen; the exchange is thorough and complete.

Because prayer is a learning experience, to some this happens early in life. We have heard children talk to go in such a way that the Spirit cannot do anything but carry the message straight to heaven. Under that same breath we have seen others who are much older who, not without lack of sincerity, cannot get out of communicating but through the mechanics, either because of lack of experience or lack of relationship.

In my personal life I have had such experiences. When I first started out as a missionary I had to learn to stay on my knees to know I was communicating with God. It took weeks to really learn to show true appreciation and really listen to get success in the truly ready field that I had not seen in the beginning. There have other times in my life when I have learned that I could say even a few seconds of prayer now and know that the Lord would hear and answer my prayer in seconds.

The Lord's miracles are endless and while he answers your prayers in his own time, sometimes that time is so fast because you have mastered how to talk to the Master; you have developed the trust and love for the Savior that allows us to do as Nephi did, talk to God and receive an answer every time. To say that you are not like the Prophet Thomas S. Monson or the general Moroni or young David, the slayer of the giant, would be correct. You are you and that’s all the Father is asking of you. Talk to him like you would talk to him. Your relationship with God is a personal one. No one can mimic your relationship so you should not attempt to think that you should mimic the relationship of others. Prayer is your way to talk to God. He loves us all in ways that only apply to ourselves; there is only the two of us in that very personal relationship. Prayer strengthens that relationship.

So if you want to know that alchemy of your relationship with Heavenly Father, take some time to really pray and get to know him in a way that only you could ever know. Pray with all your heart and really talk to him. You will learn something about yourself and your Heavenly Father. He cares for you personally and would really like to hear from you. 

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