Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A day of prayer

We just celebrated Thanksgiving a holiday that was established by the first president of the United States of America. Originally it was called a day of prayer and that it was to be celebrated to honor our country and its freedom. It’s funny how time has passed and it’s evolved through the ages. Lincoln used it to bind the North with the South. So what has become of us?

When we take freedom for granted we tend to bastardize the very things that we hold dear. For a lot of us this is our faith. Just look at what we have done to the very symbols we hold for God and his people. Prayer is mocked and atheists are encouraging the removal of it. We are becoming (could be beyond the point) a people that have no gratitude for God or one another. It shows in our shopping habits after the holiday that we call Thanksgiving. We have become so numb from the commercialization of the holidays that we cannot see anything good nor hear it either. The songs and jingles flood our ears and images flood our eyes because we just will not turn it off.

What is to be done? Do you remember the call to listen to the still small voice. He is not in a shaking mountain or roaring river that we would call media. He can be found in the simple things of life; the very things that make us thankful for what we have. Let us take some time this week to give thanks to our maker for giving us a great country, faith to guide us and friends and family to hold dear. Let us remember those that have no friends, homes, warmth or joy. Indeed we really want to say every day “God bless us, everyone”. Be kind to others this holiday and extend a worm heart so that we all can enjoy the next holiday. 

Happy holidays.

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