Monday, February 16, 2015

Come Clean

Dedicated to my friend Doc Thompson, Skip LaCombe and all the gang at the Morning Blaze.

I have listened to a great guy and the zany show that started out the Doc Thompson show and was later turned to Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson and Skip LaCombe. When I first started the guys introduced me to new rules that you could live your life by and one of those rules is rule #3 Come Clean.

I am not certain but I believe that Doc and Skip would appreciate the scripture reference of my faith that says...

The Lord wants us to, as Doc says, come clean. That means to be honest in our dealing with our fellow men and with our maker. We as a race of beings spend too much time hiding our motives that they become our new identity and the truth then becomes irrelevant. Doc has on more then one occasion pointed out that although some 'preach' one thing they do another thing. Not because they might mean well but that the message is more important then the messenger. Such 'messages' if not cut clear and concise can be bleached with a blurry and poisonous undertone that overcomes the fruit of the message. The sudden need to put a clause to our message to exempt some or condition others becomes more important then what we have said.

Thankfully the Lord Jesus in his ministry was very clear to call for faith on the the Master, repentance and obedience to the commandments that our Father and God has given to us so that we might return to Him. Because we exercise obedience, we will be able to come with clean hands and a pure heart free of the sins of the world.

I am grateful to Skip and Doc for making this rule a big part of their morning show and being a clear example to what a follower of Christ should be in in deed and in thought and though this post is short I want to say that I am grateful for the message and want to pass it along.  

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