Sunday, August 3, 2008

Temperal Beings in a Spiritual World

There has been now roughly 6000 years of waiting for the incredible world of ours to change and in that time the gospel of Jesus Christ has conme and gone. Now its at risk of leaving because once again the children of god are a temporal bunch of biggits bent of flexing their spritual muscles at each other and at the Gentiles.
Now I am no better as I am just a big of a biggit as the rest of them and my constant nagging on the fact that its become less about be accountable of our behavior and more about what we must be told to read, write and believe.
For instance, the church magazine is run by the General Relief Society and several of their helpers. It has be come less and less of a resource of spirituality's and more of a regurgitation of what once was a inspiration to both men and women.
Anther thing that has got my goat is the spreading of spiritual insight that has pushed into things like the book clubs that have snuck into society of the Mormons and again thats just an other example of the power of the Church stepping in where they have neglected or changed because (I feel) politics that were roosting in the church attempting to make their own echo and toot their own horn. Has it been forgotten that God runs his church and that no man should stand in the way of its structure. Don't get me wrong I love the church and sustain the leadership but I think that the unhappiness has become as thick as the times of Jacob when he had to deal with polygamy and harlots. The church may be feeling a strain that could break it and cause desertion at a new maganatude.

God help us all.
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