Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The church off the record

Image is located at the Joseph Smith site

I have had questions about revelations that have occurred when the Prophet and his Apostles are not behind the pulpit. I have noticed that when they are off the record that it seems that there is more revelation and more insight and I know that they are addressing smaller groups and that it might apply to the group more then the world but I then look at the Bible and see where the Apostles addressed the smaller groups and that was published but not the "General Conferences" of their time.
Oh I know that they were in a different time and that travel sucked and the prosecution was great but time is now repeating itself. The people are being persecuted for their political/social/moral view in parts of this country and that needs to stop but will not as long as morality declines and the secret combination's are running rampant, but I digress.
The point that I am driving at is I would like to see more 'off the record' talks that really talk to the people and convey the spirit that I have seen in these talks that are in fact off the record and put those talks in the Church magazine. Personally I think that this would get the Mormons back on track.
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