Monday, November 17, 2008

The secrets of the Kingdom

Personally there I believe that there are tons of secrets of the kingdom and I personally wanted to seek the new gems that make up the deep dark secrets of the kingdom or at least some new revelation to the saints. In hindsight I realize that there are dozens of secrets that always in plain view.
For instance what I have learned is to look at our Jewish cousins and see how we parallel each other in our religious views and beliefs. My wife, before she was mine, dated (man I hope so, gesh) other men. One such fellow was a Rabbi's son. At first she just saw a different religion but in hindsight she began to realize that we had the same sacred rituals and I thought to myself, "What? I though that they had separated themselves from God because they wanted to know the deeper points of the gospel of Jesus Christ and because they veared farther from the root that they 'fell' from grace".
Now I realize that they hadn't forgotten the core elements of the gospel but had changed their viewpoint of the gospel and thus had missed the mark when Jesus came.
So do they know the secrets of the kingdom? Well to some extent, yes. Will they tell anyone? No, not in a million years because of the sacred oaths and covenants that they made to learn those sacred secrets.
We too make those same sacred covenents to keep those sacred secrets of the kingdom and turely they are the root secrets and all others are just babble (don't kid yourself about Adam's belly button. We don't need to know).

At any rate thats the rant for now. Still haven't found about the decenters but I am looking. I did find out that there are desenters from the desenters so that's just odd. That would make a different post.

God bless all the Saints and Angels. You know who you are!

One more thing remember to keep your covenents no matter what your faith is. God will reward your faithfulness.
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