Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daniel's king and the dream

I recently was listening to a Protestant radio show and they made an analogy of the statue that was in Nebuchadnezzar's dream. In the discussion they compared the statue to the progression of government built on a foundation of clay (people). In it they showed that initially government is built with a gold ideal and a golden viewpoint. Given time that golden viewpoint turns to a stronger and denser government that abandons its gold and settles with a stronger government that controls the clay but is still valuable and desirable (silver). Time passes again and the silver is now not strong enough or the clay surrenders their freedom for a stronger government and then something as strong as bronze comes along. The golden viewpoint is now distant and the less then imposing government of silver is shrouded by the skirt that is bronze. Given the weight of the golden ideal, the strength of silver and the overpowering power of bronze the clay eventually shatters bringing down the government that was once very desirable.

As I contemplated that, it occurred to me that we have been through that change. At first we were a golden government envied by everyone around us and even some wanted to destroy our golden government. Then along came our silver age where the country began to splinter and war with itself. We the clay called for a stronger government to control the pieces that were splintering. That did well for us but special interest groups and minority groups wanted more than the general public and demanded that the government take away freedoms that capitalism offered us all in the name of segregation and racism. The powers that were the government become hungry and greedy for power and money and watered down the control that the states shared equally and voluntarily surrendered.

And now, the question is are we are destined to collapse under the weight that was once a golden government because of our departure from our golden origin? Will it stop? As soon as the clay steps out from under the weight and reorganizes again or war again breaks out in this country. I just pray to God that we will survive this change.

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