Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Common Denominator

I was recently (ok it was a long time ago) looking at Mythica and got curious as to how many religions had 'THE' common ancestor (a.k.a. our first parents) and the tree of life. That of course lead to the legend of the boat of Noah and other such stories as I am an avid admire of legends and folklore.
The big kick I get is watching Discovery Channel or the Travel Channel and watch as they attempt to decipher ancient pictographs or hieroglyphics only to notice symbols that are common to our religion.
The Hebrew religion (or life style, as I think of it) is more common and in plain view then I originally believed. There are hidden remnants through all theology. I know that implies that there is really only one religion but I think that there is one true religion and the copies that have similar true points or a theological point that is pointed out that previously was not thought of.

(You like the bumper stickers?)
So now I am attempting to find out the meaning of the symbols of religion and their ties to my faith (cool huh!).
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