Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Beginning

Ok I have had some time to think this through. I originally wanted to make fun of the crazy questions that are asked but I realize that this is divine and that making fun of the holy is well asinine. So I am going to play it easy on the lesson questions but we are going to discuss the question of the creation.

First let’s look at Adam; perfect guy with everything going on for him. Except God can't be his constant companion. He has other things to do. So God in is infinite wisdom creates a woman. Some speculate that there was another woman other than Eve. Now is it true? I really don't know but the Apocrypha says that her name was Lilith. Now if she existed why is she erased from history? The rule was do not partake of the fruit and if she did then she did the same thing that Adam and Eve did. Perhaps she didn't convince Adam to split. Some play her as a seductress but apparently she could not convince Adam, she sucked? Maybe she was too carnal and sensuous and Adam could not handle it so he was glad for her exit.

Well it interesting also to note that she is not mentioned for when they left the garden. I mean, wouldn't that be brought up. They skip immediately to Cain and Able and the history continues.

Now there are, in LDS scripture, three accounts of the creation once in the Old Testament and twice in the Pear of Great Price, yet no Lilith. Now some would say to get off that woman and point out the discrepancies and inconsistencies of the scriptures but let’s give the men who under inspiration wrote the scriptures. I mean hey God could say the same story over and over but who wants to see the story printed word for word three times. I like that the Lord allowed the prophets to use their own words. I am certain that they used the stories to make their own individual points. I mean just look at the account of the Savior; four accounts and none of them match but each of them have a great account and could easily cover the three years of his ministry.

At any rate, here is the first lesson. For those that were expecting this lesson in February I apologize I will attempt to be more consistent. Next week, the Flood and why there are mosquitoes.

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