Saturday, April 3, 2010

Noah and the Ark

There was a day in the past were my wife once made mention of a theory of multiple Arks. "After all", she said, "how else could there be so many animals in so many unique locations. Why would people be of different ethnicity across the world in different locations unless they were placed there?" Now she didn't have an explanation of Australia but she made sense. Then again Noah had no other children and if there were 4 arks (Noah and three sons) so he could have done Australia.

Noah was asked to do a hard thing. When we look at the city of Enoch and the people who left the earth leaving one man and his family behind, I am certain that there was moments where Noah was jealous of his cousin that got to take a city to heaven while he was left with the responsibility to save the world. He, who knew Christ, recognized that he was being a Messiah of the world by saving the creation of the Almighty. Noah understood the roll of the Savior when he fulfilled the roll and saved his sons and their wives. He also learned what it was like to be a Shepard of the creation of God and understood the roll that Adam of whom he had never seen.

I do not know if Noah had seen all the Earth or that the Arks were conjoined but I am certain that it was quite an adventure for such a man.

Now in Noah's moments of history he had a moment of weakness and got wasted with what the scriptures say was strong drink, got naked and who knows what he did. None the less his boys were looking out for their dad and got him to sober up and finish the task that God had asked him to do. I am certain that the roll of prophet is a tough one and that each man who as been asked to take the mantle of such a roll has had to find comfort in the Lord in one form or another. Countless stories in the scriptures show the persecution of the prophets such as Nephi and Jonah. Pore old Noah had to face the world teaching repentance while building a boat in your front yard. Now like I said if Noah made more than one boat then there would be 4 boats in his yard. Such a guy would not get much respect and perhaps would be mocked and attacked for teaching repentance. Who knows? At any rate, I wanted to honor Noah to day the earthy messiah.

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