Monday, August 6, 2012

Spirit vs. the Letter

The law of God as given by Moses was simple and direct. It wasn't until after the simple law was given that people begged Moses to elaborate and thus the Law of Moses was created; A bit more complex and detailed.  Time has passed and the law has become somewhat skewed. Much like the simple law of God is the Constitution of the United States; simple and direct. The assignment of elaboration was given to the states and the Bill of Rights was produced (thanks to some serious effort of the 5th president). Again it was still simple and direct but specified more about what the country could and could not do. Each state in the Union created their own Constitution that was in perfect rhythm but was more elaborate to the area that it influenced but because it was simple to read and maintained the spirit of the law it could be interpreted to suit the citizens that it protected.

Time has passed as it has for the original Ten Commandments and now such laws have backed us into a corner and have segregated us. Of course the passage of time was going to do that. We have been a country for over 200 years but might I purpose that we get back to the basics and scrape away some of the crud that we call law that hurts us and contradicts the original law that our forefathers wrote. The laws now attack our roots needs to be done away so that we can breathe again. Let us be courageous again and break from the fear that has us bound as a flaxen cord. This year I encourage you to vote for real 'hope' and 'change' that will strengthen our country.

Image is provided by U.S. History quote of the day.
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