Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tongue of Fire

I have had the honor to real a great book called Tongue of Fire, a great read and real page turner that I could not resist. The book was so full of twists and turns, I was certain that John, a new resident and the only Mormon of Mayfield. Who of had seen that such a friendly and service oriented new member of the community would end up in so much trouble from offering service to a church that lost its pastor.

The simple act of service turns this simple mans life (and his family's life) into a crazy pile of secrets that become discovered and unfolded. The reading just becomes more and more intense when the antagonist finds out the great and giving John is a Mormon and his son is the high school's first string quarterback. Now what John did to save a church by preaching a sermon becomes a mark for becoming a pariah and the house of cards that are falling threatens Johns marriage, Jacobs career as a quarterback and could have the whole family ran out of town.

I read this book and really it was a page turner David McKnight really creates a book that keeps his reader excited for hours on end with a great piece of literature. Those that enjoy this blog will really enjoy this book and its a great gift for Christmas.

Go read this book, you will love it.

That being said, I would like to reflect on the true power of the Tongue of Fire given to us by God. He has asked us to open our mouths not giving though as to what we shall say. Talk about risky. Our finite knowledge and wisdom cannot fathom the insight that the God omnipotent knows about his children. Perhaps I should of known better when I was a young missionary. I witnessed that every time that I 'opened my mouth' that miracles happened. I watched as gangsters, stoners and those that would of been though of not, turn their lives around. Not because I knew all the scriptures or spoke contentiously about theology with others but spoke with the power and majesty that is only the Lords and his alone. I barely grasped that I was his mouth piece. I thank God though that I was somewhat teachable and saw a glimpse of heaven in the eyes of those touched by the Spirit of the Lord. I now hope that I can pass that on to other Saints and my children as well.

Thank you.

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