Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Infinite God

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So I was listening to conference this last weekend and thought nothing of it. It was a very similar message but I took the time to listen to every speaker (witch was not like me as I am usually doing something during conference) and two things came from it to me.

First we are in some serious trouble. If we do not know where to turn when there is trouble we will be lost physically and spiritually. Several times through the course of the conference disasters were mentioned of various kinds and to me that was telling me that our 'Titanic' was heading to the iceberg and those who could see the trouble coming could only see the tip. I listen to a lot of people for advice and encouragement but the prophets and apostles, I hope I listen to the most. Like a scared animal I sense a storm brewing. I turn to the scriptures and prayer to know what to do so that I can be more ample prepared. Perhaps I need to read the council again when the magazine comes out.

Second was subtle and at first I didn't notice the effect because the conference was a bit fresh in my mind. As I was doing my job I began to see people for what they were and for a moment I saw the eternal perspective of things and I have to admit it freaked me out. I understood how important it was to learn the gospel as fast as I could and to teach it to others as fast as I could. I could not look at another persons face without seeing their spirit (of sorts). I kept hearing Isiah and how he talked about being blind and deaf. Even the Savior made reference to it. Still I wonder what I am supposed to do with this perspective and for how long it will be with me. I no longer see old men and women or chain smokers and drug users. Their spiked hair and piercings are somewhat transparent to me and I have begun to see who they are on the inside.

I thought of my own kids and wife. I keep attempting to push them to the light but as Lehi experienced attempting to compel his sons, he could only do it with words.When Nephi and Lehi compared the gospel to a fantastic fruit that everyone would want to have, I have now an inclining of what that means and that has become a precious pearl but I do not know what to do with it. I cannot just give it to anyone but it truly must be shared with those that will appreciate it.
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