Sunday, February 23, 2014

Do you want to meet Jesus?

A couple of weeks ago friends and I who had been playing games and laughing, everything was normal till one of them had got serious by asking me and another LDS fellow of mine a serious question. Do you want to meet Jesus?

At first we were a bit taken back and the room had got quiet; said my friend continuing his thought, "Because everyone seems to want to meet Jesus".

My LDS friend (I'll call him Tim) and I almost simultaneously said no. This other friend of mine (we'll call him Charlie) was surprised. "Why?” Charlie followed up. We then took an hour explaining that our innocence of faith would be removed and we would then be living by knowledge and the weight that would bear. 

We then explained that it’s like when you are learning about the flowers when you were five. Mom took you to a field and said "Child this is a flower". You would hold it and admire the color and laugh and run holding the flower. Then sometime later would go to school and learn about the flower and the science of its cellular structure and the way that it gains food. Now you could deny photosynthesis because you have never seen it or felt it. Once you have learned it you can say whatever you want. Discovery and learning continues.

Now compare that to meeting Jesus. Meeting God's son has a great weight. Once you have gone down this road you can never go back. I suppose that you could deny that you ever saw him to his face but let’s face it; I think that God would hold us accountable for that. See the difference of walking by faith and walking by knowledge is that one has a greater level of reward and damnation. Those that walk by faith would gain a little here and there and if they slipped they could then just get up and continue while those that walked by knowledge if they fell the gravity of the fall would weigh them terribly and getting back up would be longer and harder.

I think of that moment and realize that I could possibly not be ready to meet God. It’s an awkward revelation. Here I thought that there was nothing to fear and like a child I was stunned by the experience. I know that God will be on his throne and with countless courses of angels but what happens when he comes to your face and says 'Hi'. Do I fall to my knees and beg never to behold his face again. Beg him to leave because I am an unworthy person to be in such glory. Do I weep for joy? Really, what do I do? 

What would you do? I know that there will come a day that you will meet the Messiah but what will you do? It’s something to think about this week.

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