Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day

It’s Mothers Day. On this day we cherish the very person that did more than someone that birth us but taught us charity and faith. The woman that would spend the rest of their lives loving and thinking about the success and welfare of each person that is part of her home. Friends and neighbors old and young alike are part of that. To some of us even that single woman that always took care of the neighbor kids is part of that roll as Mother and is a delightful memory that can be shared over and over again.

I want to extend my appreciation for the woman that was my mother (she pass away a few years ago) and let her spirit know that I am still attempting to be the very person that she knew that I could be. I attempt to daily think of what mom would want of me and how I can pass those precious lesions to my children.  On this day, I reflect on the various mothers in my life; my wife, my step mom, mother-in-law, sisters (all mothers each of them), Grandma and several of my cousins that are either mothers or husbands to mothers. We live in an age that allows us the opportunity to share our experiences about life and the experiences of rearing great kids and the lessons that they have taught us all.

Mom would say that it was the lessons that I would teach her but I know that she was being humble exemplary of a good teacher by giving me the credit for the great experiences in my life. I only wish that I could tell you of the many stories that have happened (I’m coming up blank). I do remember that mom always had a smile for everyone, was creative and energetic, she taught health and awareness and encouraged us to explore our world and learn what it had to offer. There was plays and music in our life. Talent was encouraged and exercised. Because of my mom I learned to act, play three interments and dance. That being great, more than that, mom taught me to love and laugh; she taught to roll with the punches and cry when it was needed. She taught courage and the power of prayer; faith in God and a strong testimony of the Atonement.

Mom you will be missed by me and my four siblings. You are a legacy that I hope that I can share with my children’s children. Thank you for all you did.


The image is of my mother Margot (1952-2011)
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