Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial to that which is Important

It’s Memorial Weekend and we are called to reflect on our American siblings; men and women who gave their lives for a country that in some cases did not return for the sake and freedom of those that they left behind. One such American was a sailor named Henry ‘Bessy’ Bingham, my dad’s uncle. Because of our loss so many years ago Bessy’s brother David (grand'pap) was the only one left to carry on the family name and through David’s family I am here. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines have all given their all to this country and I am so grateful. For this article I just wanted to just give a moment for those that have died to give us liberty that we now enjoy in a great country represented by the ole red white and blue.

Now the subject I wanted to discuss. While we are reflecting on the memories of men and women that have given us a great example following prophets and the savior by giving their lives for that witch they believed in so that we would not have to I want point out a poison that has infected not just our country but the whole world; complacency. Brothers and sisters we have been seduced by the ‘Coolness’ and have been quick to accept that someone else will take care of the problem even telling ourselves that Father will do it when we ourselves will not. Some have allowed fear to cripple us so that we cry what can be done while others who are small race into the fray praying that God will direct their path only to die with the cause that they went into the fray with.

We have spent too much time allowing us to be seduced by a ‘dark side’ that is all around us. Satan talks to us in advertisement, music and pulls every which way with his doctrine; good intentions mixed with crap.  He has tricked us into believe that the law of ‘happy rainbows and sunshine’ will be a better replacement for the structure of law that hold men accountable and show us a right and wrong. Flawed or not, being mortal who attempted to do what is right has lead us through better moments then a demand for social justice and equal outcome. There was a time when men and women were punished for their sins against society and swift was the sword of justice. Now the sword stays dormant and rusting from lack of use.

This error has not been just my country but all the countries of the world. The bigger the government got the worse it got. We no longer push and explore because we are told not to. We no longer educate ourselves because we are told not to. We no longer get justice though it is demanded because it will hurt someone’s feelings and finally we no longer win because someone will lose. We have been seduced by the ‘Coolness’.
What will we do to correct this course? Though it must be done at an individual level, we must rapidly turn to God, demand accountability and choose righteous leaders and not just ‘good’ leaders. The pot that is government is a corrupt and black pot; a cesspool that ‘unicorns and puppy dogs’ have poisoned. We are encouraged not to remember those that have given their all and look at cartoons and photo shopped pictures instead of calling for accountability. When we break down the doors of those that are accountable and hold their feet to the flame will they continue to misbehave? We must remember that many countries are in bankruptcy because of war, famine, pestilence and death. We are facing a famine of the word of God and our children have been taught to ‘shut up’ about ‘Him’, the God of Israel or cease to talk about such offensive things. If we want it to stop we must talk of Christ, rejoice in Christ, preach of Christ, prophesy of Christ and write according to our prophecies.

I hope that this has encouraged you to seek to be part of something bigger than yourself and to stand tall for yourself, community, city, state (province) and country. If you can’t go big then start small. Start with the very thing that the founders did liberty and justice for all. Let men be accounted for their own sins and not for your father’s transgression and if we are left to pay then let us pay it quickly. We can correct our corruption but we must seek repentance and encourage others to do the same. We are from divine inheritance and we must show it.

Brothers and sisters, please take some time this weekend and perhaps everyday from this weekend to remember those that who have given their all so that we might enjoy time with our families, freedoms and the ‘Coolness’ that is ever present. Let us be in the world and not of it. Be diligent.

In the precious name of the Master, Jesus Christ, Amen.
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