Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fuel of the Gospel

Last week I wrote about some simple discoveries about the restoration and I want to continue that thought with this... What moves the gospel to places were it has never been? I mean for example what moved the princes of the Nephites to teach the gospel to the blood thirsty Lamanites? After stewing on the subject for a while I realize that what has brought the gospel to places where it has never been is faith.
Turning back to our restored car, the gospel in its completion moves a man no where, touches no nation, compels no man without the faith that moves them to do that witch they have never done. Who built boat because of faith? Nephi, Noah, Jared. Who taught the gospel to the natives? John Taylor, Aaron, Amon Omner and Himni. These are just a few examples of people who took the restored gospel (or more likely allowed the gospel to take them) to places where it needed to be.
I admit when weird things like this become my discovery that I realize that I am still being taught by God in my adulthood. I remember when one of the prophets said that they were still learning the gospel from the temple even in their senior years, I thought they were crazy but now, teaching the gospel to children has changed my view of this and perhaps even my understanding.
The stories of the Gospel are like ogres... er... onions, no they don't stink or make you cry (well most of the time) but they got layers. Sometimes you dig in and discover them sometimes its by complete blessing (I am certain that its not by accident) that these moments hit you like a ton of bricks. The spirit becomes overwhelming and you cannot deny what you just learned through the spirit and while you are not whisked away to some place like Moses or Jesus you have your own version of a vision and see things the way God intended you to learn them.
Sometimes the gospel scares me to death because it is so serious but like a good body of water you need to just jump in and absorb the moment. I am certain that there will be more moments like this. As they say God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I might change but I know that it is for the better because I have fuel to drive me.

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