Sunday, February 28, 2016

I am reminded

I recently was “pre-shopping” couches and spending time with my beloved. I realized that I was learning more about the one I love and I have been married for for almost eighteen years. I have learned so much about my wife. There is more and more layers that come out of my marriage that I never knew and I like it.

When I attempt to really dig deep in what I have done in the past part of me says write it down. We are encouraged over and over (well not strongly recently) that we should write it down. You think that your mundane life, you're wrong. I don't and you don't have a ordinary life. I find it interesting that if the roll were reversed that our ancestors would read our stories with equal interest as we do to theirs. Think about it, when I tell my kids about renting a VCR or that we didn't have a microwave growing up or walking a mile to school at the age of five, my kids are astonished. The funny thing is that I am only twenty-five years older then they are. My world is not much different then theirs. There is the same government, towns, land marks etc. That aside, the history that has happened in those twenty-five years that separate us is a big difference.

When I was a kid we race around the neighborhood and the neighbors knew us and we knew them. Our world was one were nameless authority was something less to fear then our own parents because of love and respect of family, community and county. We did all the crazy things that kids did in the '80's and it was fun.

Now had I written it down, my children would have a great story to tell their own kids. Alas I have been through some trauma and memory has been lost. Now when the memories come I make an attempt to write it down so that I have something. Not all that awesome stories of a mundane person are going to be there but I am making the attempt. On Sundays I am writing in a journal (an old journal that I have not written in since '06 (before my last boy was born). When I began reading what sparse of a story I had written about myself,I realized that there was some great achievements that I like about myself. I felt so bad that I had not taken the time for me that I am now taking some time to fix it.

I know that some people take their journal to do a spot check on themselves spiritually or some place to keep their secrets but I don't like my secrets on paper. Perhaps its because I want to put my best foot forward when my children read my story. I know that when you write your personal struggles and what not, your reader can see a side of you that they can relate to but for me that a scary place; especially because my medium is here on the web.

The thing I want to walk away from this is this, you and I have a great story. Get out and make it happen. You have the greatest story that has never been told. Only you know the story from your point of view and when you think about it, the story is fantastic.  

The image is from when I worked in Seattle, WA. 
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