Thursday, February 2, 2017

Best 2 years of my life

-- This post is dedicated to my Aunt and Uncle; two dear love ones that have been great parents to some great guys that I proudly call family. This is their picture. --

This life should be the best time of our immortality. In our world we spend so much time emphasizing our experience as missionaries that perhaps we have forgotten that although for some missionaries, that time is the best; you know what? This life should be though as the best in our immortality. Think about it, we have spent time in the presence of God and we prepared for this over and over. We talked to each other on the subject, perhaps we had a vision of what it was going to be like, like a missionary, bring thousands back home to God, bear children by the hundreds, smelling everything, seeing the world, etc. etc.

Then mortality shows us a uphill battle that is full of experiences that no picture, no artificial smell, no video of the action (essentially no experience as a spirit watching) could ever compete with what we do as angels helping others, not knowing that when we are mortals we will have a full range of emotions sights, smells touches, pain and joy that would never exist if we had not taken the time to be here. Here is our greatest joys and sorrows will be experienced. We learn about the fun of children and pain of death of others. 

Now when we come to the end, I am sure that God says "How was it?" and with tears of joy and of pain we all can say it was the best time of my life. Now there is family in that post life that see us and we all talk about that time blah blah blah... The memory of what we left behind might come immediately, like a missionary that left their old stomping grounds, especially those who left suddenly but I am certain that there those that left in a more planned fashion that perhaps look at it with a more after thought, after all of the congratulations and high fives, hugs and kisses given.

After think about all of this for myself (I came to the though on Wednesday of last week), I wondered if I am making my experience the best that it can be. I am a husband, a dad, son, cousin, uncle, student teacher, etc. etc. and I have though to myself, have I done my best to make this the best ever for my experience; to make this the best X years of my immortality. Honestly I am concerned that I haven't been that guy. Sure I have spent time with family (extended and immediate), I have taken time to be a better student and teacher but like Oskar Schindler, who wondered if he had done enough for the Jews of WW2, I wonder have I done enough for others. Not that I will be remembered, but that what I will do enough that it will mean enough for those that I leave behind and will it be something that those in the next life will appreciated by those spirits that eagerly want to show me the world that I once knew.

I digress. What I am getting to, sure I am now taking time to date my sweetheart and play with my children; I take time to do genealogy write and play games with friends and finally I take time to be myself and learn more about myself. I encourage everyone to read more, write more, sing more and perhaps dance more. Please take time to have fun but work hard here because this is the best time in your immortality. 
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