Sunday, June 22, 2014

Guns and God

Last night I was talking to a good friend about our different points of politics which as it turned out was not that different on the subject of firearms. While my view is that men should be able to arm themselves with what they see fit and the government be damned, his view was that of arm yourself for defense only and military weapons should not be in the hands of civilians. The common thing was that we both believe in a armed citizenry. Now the Lord at that time after the conversation brought to mind that there was some parallel to the things that the Jews requested in times of the kings and that was more knowledge than they were prepared to understand let alone use. My friend made a strong point that it was important to know how to use a fire arm and what it was capable. He noted that most people are not aware of the power of military grade weapons and that it should not be given to them. At that time I was thinking of the power and knowledge that the Jews received. It overwhelmed them and caused their fall. Would I be overtaken by my lack of preparedness if I were to use something outside of my understanding to defend myself, say an AR15 like the deep doctrine of the kingdom. Would I be easily beguiled by Satan as a thief in the night?

Children are given a limited understanding of the gospel because to overwhelm them is damning. The Lord gives us power according to our understanding of the gospel and what has been given line upon line. We do not quickly give a shot gun to a child who doesn’t know the power of BBs. Those that would quickly assume that TV, radio and the internet will educate our children in the gospel as well as it has done about fire arms are bound to see children hurt spiritually or physically.

Our responsibility is to shelter first, educate second and then show through limited experience the emblems f the gospel like we do firearms.  The gospel is a powerful thing. It changes lives, hearts, enriches lives and brings us all closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. We know that this can be also damning but with a careful course, it is the most enriching experience. Why wouldn’t we expand the gospel to the world? If we do it right and allow the Lord to be our teacher and guide it has no limits. We want to insure though that we take the steps that we were taught much like the steps of using a gun, safety, education and limited use under the direction of a teacher so that we are duly prepared.

May we all find strength in the gospel, may we teach by example and may we bring others closer to Christ.

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