Sunday, June 15, 2014

I wish you knew

It seems that sometimes I want my children to know what I know without the experience that is attached. I suppose that its something similar to what the children of Israel went through with the Judges and Kings of Israel. The Lord gave them a commandment and they did half of it and thought that they were fine and that their children would be fine too. Their children who didn't go through the experience find that Canaan is just fine and are quick to commit sin because they don't have the experience.

I as a parent want so badly for my children to have the faith and knowledge that I have acquired my whole life in seconds so that they will not make the mistakes that I have made. My wife keeps telling me that they must be taught and learn by example and their own experience. Its so frustrating. I just want to dump my knowledge into their little heads and tell them that life is going to be hard but worth it and to prepare for it.

My experiences have taught me that this cannot be so. Two very good examples are when then President Kimball wanted to tell Israel and the saints of the dangers that we were to face it seemed that the Lord had to tell his son not to as such things would be both detrimental and damning. We have had to learn of our fate because we have not listened to the prophets on our own. The little messages that they give are so very important.

Secondly is the ordinances in the temple have changed from what my parents experienced to what I have experienced. The stress of keeping the covenant of God was, I think, stricter and with greater emphasis than it is today. The covenants had consequence (something not taught today) if disobeyed and perhaps its was for our parents so that they would be firmer in the faith. I do not know why it was removed but here we are.

As parents we are desperate to insure that our kids do not make our mistakes. How much are we like Alma when his son Alma turned from the church would give our lives to change it. We,like Alma, warn them and coax them, teach them and bribe them, all with the intention to insure that the Spirit will reside in their homes when they are adults. We worry about if they are ready for the priesthood or adulthood. If we have not taught them enough about the Kingdom. I have learned to let go and that the Lord will teach them where I could not and when I could not.

Every night I pray that they even get a inkling of what I have been attempting to tell them all month. That they will not have to wonder through my desert but enjoy the milk and honey that I have attempted to insure that they have. Am I good for attempting to make it easier or better. I hope so. I just fear that their fruit will become bitter because I have removed the oppression and challenge. That they will spoil because of the good soil that they reside. Alma had his son become apostate and hang out with royal rich kids, partly because he couldn't openly teach prayer in his home (thanks to some priests of Noah). Are there priests of Noah in my life, Goliaths if you will, that are influencing my children by default? Man I hope not. I just continue to follow the Prophet and hope that my kids will just turn out ok. In the mean time my wife and I will be strong as we can and good examples.

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